Your Need is our Dream

Trust, Transparency & Technology

We provide end to end solution with a 360degree approach towards any of our product and services offering which makes us unique and stand out. Our wholistic offering be it your Banking, Investment, Taxation, Legal, Travel or Medical requirement in india we are your one point service provider



We are a team of ex-bankers and professionals. Having worked in top Indian corporates and international banks we were exposed to NRIs who faced challenges in keeping track of their India related activities.

There are various requirements like managing immovable assets, administrative documentation needs, Tax filing, repatriation of idle funds in India or simply managing investment in India. All these activities required different organisation/ service provider to be contacted for and each one is having their own set of rules and requirements of documents to be fulfilled , that's where we come in picture. We @ NRIGROW not only simplifies the work but also get them hassle-free for NRIs.

Having left India for better prospects and lifestyle, their stuff back home are left granted and to manage them they have to rely on mercy of friends and relatives.

Our Vision

To be a center and one stop solution service provider for NRIs gloabally.

Our Mission

To be looked at as a one-point contact for anything that a NRI look to carry out in India. We want to become a replica of NRI self in India eventually making the life of a NRI free from Indian related stuffs.


Relationship beyond self. We are driven by 3T’s which form the cornerstone of our organization.

Trust, Transparency & Technology