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How to Invest

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Your Financial Plan

Our investment expert backed with a strong research team is always available to guide you on creating your financial plan and zero down on investment avenues to suit your financial goal.Schedule an appointment today with our expert.

MutualFund options to meet your Financial Goals

Equity Fund

A mutual fund scheme that invest at least 65% of the scheme’s assets in equities and equity related instruments.

Debt Fund

A scheme that invests in fixed income instruments, such as Corporate & Government Bonds, corporate debt securities etc. that offer capital appreciation.


These funds invest in a mix of equities and debt, giving investor the best of both worlds. Balanced funds gain from a healthy dose of equities but the debt portion fortifies them against any downturn.


Goal Specific Fund

Goal-based investing is all about identifying your financial goals, setting a timeline for each goals, and investing for them regularly to be able to achieve those goals.

ELSS (Tax Saver Funds)

It is a type of mutual fund scheme that primarily invests in the stock market or equity. Investments of up to 1.5 lakhs done in ELSS schemes are eligible for tax deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Different Modes of Investments

(Systematic Transfer Plan)

STP is a strategy where an investor transfers a fixed amount of money from Source scheme to Target scheme (usually from a debt fund to an equity fund).

(Lump sum mutual fund)

Under a lumpsum investment, an investor invests a sum in a single transaction in a mutual fund scheme

(Systematic Investment Plan)

SIP is a method offered by Mutual Funds to invest fixed amounts in their schemes at regular intervals, like monthly or quarterly, instead of a lump-sum investment. Installments could start at just INR 500 per month, with the convenience of setting up automatic deductions from your bank.

(Systematic Withdrawal Plan)

SWP is a mutual fund investment plan, through which investors can withdraw fixed amounts at regular intervals, for example – monthly/ quarterly/ yearly from the investment they have made in any mutual fund scheme.

Worried on your investments spread across various banks and financial institutions and you are unable to keep track of

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