NRI Health & Wellness !!!

An Holistic service to cater health of your loved one's

We at NRI Grow are not just a partner for your health & wealth , we even take care of your loved ones when you are abroad.

With Growing Demand of medical tourism in India and government focus towards providing quality services to medical tourist we @NRIGROW are your Trusted & Reliable Partner



Planning to visit India for a better treatment, wait no further we are here to provide you an end-to-end solution on your medical visit.

    Most Common Medical Conditions for which people visit India
  •   IVF treatment
  •   Knee replacement
  •   Cataract surgery
  •   Kidney transplant
  •   Hair/ Skin treatment
  •   Eye Related surgeries

What & How We Do

We first understand the reason and treatment for which person wants to visit India

We provide list of top 3-4 Doctor’s undertaking the said treatment with their full details and past experiences

If Patient or their relatives wants to speak or have one to one sessions with any doctors, we arrange the same online.

Once the client is convinced, we provide end to end solution up to doctor’s appointment for the treatment.

We even provide a personal attended who will look after the patient during their stay in India (if required)

Life / Health Insurance

Getting treatment in India on your visit back home or looking to cover your loved ones. We are here to offer you multiple choices on health insurance to suit your coverage and medical requirement.
Not just health, we even cover the financial loss which may arise if something happens to the bread earner. Schedule an appointment to talk to our expert now.

Parental Care

Looking For Nursing / Care Taker Service?

Worried about your elderly parents or your loved ones back home when you are not around? Don’t worry we are here to take care

    Whether its
  • Taking them to a test centre
  • Providing caretaker facility for personalised care of loved ones
  • Or just someone to visit once and look after them, we are here